HIV/AIDS remains one of the biggest challenges in Africa. With millions of people dying each and every year from HIV/AIDS, Hope 4 Africa needs your support to help us fight this cause. Hope 4 Africa’s mission is to end the AIDS epidemic in the most communities of Africa. Your donation helps us fulfill our mission through the following goals. There are 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS today, and 54% of those people are unable to access the treatment that they need.
The crazy thing is, we know how to end this. Unlike in 2003, the medicines now exist. We just need the will and resources to do it.

Goals to achieve through your donations

  • Raise funds through donations from individuals and organizations to support HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.
  • Collect donated goods to help families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • Support AIDS orphans
  • Increase HIV/AIDS awareness on radio and television in Africa
  • Build HIV/AIDS support centers in Africa
  • Build HIV testing centers in Africa
  • Build HIV Counseling centers in Africa
  • Through Donations, increase treatment for those with HIV by working with pharmaceutical companies to increase the supply of anti-retroviral drugs in Africa
  • Through donations, supply free test kits for HIV screening to health facilities in Africa
  • Promote best practices of HIV/AIDS prevention between health organizations in Africa
  • Work with communities to support those living with HIV/AIDS and help reduce the stigma of living with this disease.