When you sponsor a child, you are helping give one of these orphaned or abandoned children a family and a future. With your child sponsorship, you are directly contributing to the costs of raising the child you are sponsoring. That means you’re providing food, clothing, parental care, housing, education, healthcare and all things needed for a happy and healthy childhood.

Why Sponsor A Child?

Sponsorship is a unique opportunity to connect and support one very special child. The children in our sponsorship program are orphaned, abandoned, or come from extremely poor families who are eager to escape from the poverty that has trapped their family for generations. The Hope For Africa Project’s philosophy is that through education, housing, and healthcare, together we can “break the bitter chains of poverty.”

Sponsorship is more than just financial support. You can also build a lasting relationship with your sponsored child to encourage and uplift them as they complete their education. You can also exchange letters with your sponsored child to learn about their family life, hopes and dreams, and faith journey.

Change a life by sponsoring a child. Funds raised are used to assist our children and their families with a variety of critical personal needs. Your generous contribution is used to support your child, but also other needy children within the community.

In return, the sponsor receives:

  • A picture of their Child and a summary of their situation.
  • Letters from their Child that they sponsor.
  • School reports (if available).
  • Regular updates on the progress of the programme, as well as pictures.

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

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My name is Nakagiri Brenda I am a Ugandan aged 18 am an orphan. I lost my mother when they had family misunderstandings with my father. My father poured acid into my mother's face in which tragedy she lost her life. After one week the police came for father and arrested him. We were left home without elders and I am the elder sister, up to now we don't have any guardian to help us in terms of finance and my sisters and brothers have to go to school. I, therefore, have to work in order to provide food and school fees for my brothers  I am requesting anybody with any sorts to help me
Yours truly,
Nakagiri Brenda